Rental vs Hotel room

The matchup

Short term vacation rentals are known to provide more benefits than hotel rooms. To find out what makes a good vacation rental, view our blog on it here. Some of these benefits are available in some high-end hotel rooms but you will not find them in most. Vacation lodging options offer a great alternative to large hotel chains. More people are willing to book short-term rentals than staying in hotel rooms. Speaking of short-term, a short term loan that could be of great use for you would be a payday loan from PMLoans. Their loans are flexible and convenient and allow you to restore your finances without having to wait for payday to do so.

The length of stay

Most people who go on vacation or travel a lot tend to book vacation rental or hotel for a week or longer.  Some even stay between one or two weeks, which is significantly longer than the average hotel stay.  For hotel rooms, most people typically stay for two or three nights. Guests tend to spend more of their time at the destination when booking vacation rentals.


Short term hotels and vacation rentals can provide you with a wide range of amenities during your stay.  Some unique amenities that come with vacation rentals include Wi-Fi, drier, washing machine, a yard or patio, hot tub, and a full kitchen depending on the type of vacation rental you get. Most renters will choose a vacation rental over a hotel room because of the amenities available. The rental property offers a very satisfactory experience when compared to the hotel rooms.

The accommodation

Perhaps it is not so obvious that vacation rentals offer a bigger space for renters than a hotel room even in the classiest of places. With a vacation rental, you get to rent the whole home, including the yard/porch. This is a pretty big space when compared to basic hotel rooms. For some people, a spacious location is much more relaxing than the hotel.  You get more space to relax and rest after exploration or touring the local area.


Hotel rooms typically cost more than vocational rentals. When more people start to go on vacation, the price of hotel rooms increases much more when compared to that of a basic vocational rental.  With the vacation rental, you can save further by booking the room with family and friends. Vacation rentals are a cheaper alternative for hotel rooms when you are out in big numbers. Speaking of costs, if you’re in need of a financial boost until payday, consider a payday loan from PMLoans. There’s also no upfront costs either.

The general appeal

Vacation rentals are known to appeal more to the millennial than the older generation. I would not blame anyone; everyone is just going with what they are used to. Before vacation rentals were famous, most people only knew how to rent a hotel room for their vocational stay. Millennials are more willing to rent vacation homes with their friends and family. 

Vacation rentals which are inclusive of condos and apartments in major resorts and cities are the main attraction for business people and travelers. They prefer the homey feel as compared to the plainness of the hotel.

Vacation rental vs hotel; Who wins?

Clearly, vocational rentals have an advantage over hotel rooms. They are much more economical, have a high level of convenience and comfort the size of the home is huge and the amenities are just so appealing. When it comes down to everything, vocational rentals will definitely offer you better deals. Speaking of good deals, if you need to boost your personal finances until payday, a payday loan can be of strong advantage to you. As PMLoans is a direct lender, you’ll get a good deal as there are no upfront fees to pay.