Vacation rental owners; what renters expect from you and the property manager

If you hire a professional property manager for your vacation rental, there are certain standard things you should expect. Since they represent you, they will be the ones dealing with your renters. Most vacation renters have information on the kind of interaction they should expect from you or the property manager and the service they should receive.  The level of service received should not be limited; they expect the same kind of services given at professional/quality hotels. Want to find out what makes a good vacation rental, learn in our blog here! As the process of owning a vacation rental can leave you in need of a financial boost, quick loans from PMLoans can be of great use. Their loans can be used to optimal levels when combined with the financial tips on their blog.

The arrival and check-in

Your renters will obviously expect to know the location of the vacation rental & where they are headed to. Your management should provide check-in and confirmation information to the renters. It should include the detailed information and direction of your office and location of the vacation rental.  You should also include the contact so they can get in touch with the property manager or anyone else in the office if they get lost. When they arrive, you should provide a professional office and staff to great them and show them around. Provide all the needed check-in details including the paperwork.

The cleanliness of the rental

The renters will expect the home to be sanitary and clean. If you are running your own managed vacation rental, they will expect the same level of cleanliness as one run by a property manager but they may not be as strict.  Your home may be a little dusty and the windows a little blurry but those are not grounds for rejection. Renters who are looking for a high-end property will expect the most cleanliness. They, therefore, expect the property manager to employ professionals to keep the home clean and pay attention to all the details.

A well-stocked home

One of the main reason travelers will choose vacation rental property instead of a hotel is the fully stocked kitchen.  The renter may let you slide if you do not have all matching utensils and silverware. If your home is under property management, it is their work to ensure the rental has a well-stocked kitchen to please the guests. A clean and well-stocked kitchen is perfect for the renters to cook and have their meals in.  They also expect kitchen conveniences and appliances that a home should have. So make sure the kitchen has a blender, coffeemaker, microwave, toaster and plenty of utensils.


Vacation renters expect to walk into a well-stocked home. in addition to the kitchen and the bathrooms, people want to have access to simple but necessary things like blow dryers, iron and ironing board,  trash bags, brooms, and other items. Make the home as self-contained and homey as you possibly can. Speaking of essentials, quick loans can be essential for you to restore your finances until payday comes around. PMLoans is one of our recommended direct lenders. Their quick loans are flexible convenient and their best used with the budgeting/saving tips on PMLoans blogs.

Help and departure

Vacation renters are just like hotel guests. They expect the management to treat them with respect and offer their services all day and night. For instance, they may need tips on local attractions or hotel recommendations; It is your job to take care of the renters’ needs until they leave the home.  The departure should be as smooth as the check-in. Be friendly, professional and fast when dealing with the paperwork and other items.